Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Bad Guy Day

Hey yo. It's random bad guy day here at the YourBuddyBuddy blog (I say that as if this is some kind of office, and not just some dude sitting at a computer in his office typing away late into the night), and with that comes the random bad guy of the day - I'm calling him Bubble Head, because his head is in a bubble. Seriously though, I have no idea what this guy is about, other than climbing out of my pencil as I sit half asleep during "The Informant" last night. Decent movie, but not as funny as I was expecting. It was actually kind of sad.

Anyway, I've sort of had no real time to draw for myself in a LONG time, so my warm-up sketches hence forth are going to either be A) devoted to prepping future projects or B) spent cranking out weird bad guys for future Cracker Ace stories. Either way it's a plan full of win.

On that note: It's time to go watch the season finale of "Burn Notice."

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