Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PSC: Lion-o

My buddy Nu and I decided to each draw Lion-o today. Since I've been on this sketch card kick, thought I'd just marry the two.

PSC: Phantom Limb & Capt. Hook

I don't know if you can get any further apart than these two. Two of my favorite villains...both so incredibly flawed. Come to think of it, maybe they have more in common than I thought!

PSC: The Green Ghost

Here's another personal sketch card (PSC) of a cool little indie character by the uber talented Scott Godlewski, The Green Ghost. Go check out Scott's stuff at Two-Fisted Art or his dA page,!

Sketchcards - The Thing, Megaton Man, the Maxx

Been doing these sketch cards. Having lots and lots of fun with them. Here we've got The Thing, Megaton Man, and the Maxx. Not too happy with how the Maxx turned out, but it was also the first one I colored, so consider it my broken egg of the batch.

Got more on the way, so keep a look out!