Friday, February 11, 2011

Brain Vomit Vol. 1 PREVIEW

I finished putting the final touches on my new art book last night. It oughta be off to the printer on Monday. Just a few more things to get together before I head up to Seattle for ECCC. Above are two preview pages from the book titled Brain Vomit Vol. 1. The first page is a bunch of random sketches I've done over the last year or so. The other is a page I put together displaying one of my original properties, Cracker Ace.

In the meantime, I've got a couple projects I need to have finished before I go, so it's back to work with me!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Too much to do, not enough time...

Man, what a day! Too much to do, not enough time. I wish I could pull an all nighter to catch up, but I can't...because I'm old. The mere thought of getting no sleep just makes me anxious. Even right now, as I type this, I'm sort of getting antsy.

Anyway, today's sketches ain't the best, but they'll have to do. I started with the Skeletor (which was completely from memory, which is why it doesn't look right), and the other guy is just some random dude I sketched because I couldn't think of any other character to draw. I'll call him Gustof the Great...there you go. Totally original. Don't steal it, or I'll threaten to hunt you down and slap yo face, but will actually do absolutely nothing. You've been warned. WHOOP!

Okay, back to work.

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a Sketch Update kinda day...

Not a whole lot to say today. Did a lot of sketching in between the day job and taking care of my daughter. Got home and did some prelim sketches of some monsters I'm doing for a project. After that, I started putting the cover of my art book together. I like the concept I came up with, as it fits nicely with the title. My art book is gonna be called Brain Vomit Vol. 1 so I guess you can sort of imagine what might be in there...although I don't know if you'll actually be able to see what I'm planning to do. I just hope it comes out well, because I know how important covers are to selling books...and make no mistake...I want to sell a lot of books! I'm not just looking to have an art book for the sake of having an art book...I'm proud of the stuff that I'm putting in there, and I want people to see it, and want to buy it so they can see it again, and again...

I don't mean to sound cocky or arrogant, because that's not me. But I'm definitely proud of what I'm putting together, so I'm not afraid to say to the world, "Hey you, this is me...get over here and took a look already!"

And because no update its own coding without some art, here are a couple of the sketches I did today. The first is Wolverine...of course. The second is that Seattle crime-fighting freak, Phoenix Jones. If you don't know who Phoenix Jones here's the google search results on him...learn you something about what it means to be a real life superhero!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Undead Poultry Horde Shirt + Some Brutal Legend Sketches

make custom gifts at Zazzle

I've been meaning to create one of these for a while. My original intention was to go and have some t-shirts screen printed locally, and have hard copies on hand to sell...but with things being so much easier to do over the Internet, as well as my incredible lack of funds, I figure this is the best road to take for now. My goal is to create a shirt every couple of weeks, and to promote the crap out of it via this blog, twitter, facebook, deviantArt, and any other means I can find.

It kind of sucks that to make it independently, I have to pretty much be something I hate...a perpetual self promotion machine. In hip hop and World of Warcraft terms they call it "grinding." I don't like it, but I have no choice. Ain't nobody gonna stumble over anything I do, and proceed to fall over themselves to give me money for stuff...I's gotsta go outs and TAKES IT! Or at least takes what I cans. :D

So if you find me being pushy in the months to come...forgive me.

Now buy a shirt! The Undead Poultry Horde is lookin' to BEEF up its ranks! Assimilate, before it's too late, or you'll be left to face the dreaded PECK OF DOOM!

(NOTE: If anyone knows of a better t-shirt printing place online that doesn't dick you so hard monetarily, lemme know. I hate the idea of having to charge damn near $25.00 just so I can make two or three dollars on the deal. There's gotta be a better alternative out there, I just haven't seen one yet. So please, if you find one, shoot it over so I can go there instead. Thanks!)

I hate to just have a post asking people to spend money on me, so here's a couple of blog exclusive sketches I did yesterday while waiting at the DMV to renew my driver's license (oh fun times indeed). They're of Lemmy and Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend, an incredible game worth playing.

Back to work!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

$1 Sketch Commissions - Block 2

1 Dollar Sketches - JD by *juniorbruce on deviantART

Here's another block of quick sketches. I'm doing these in between the big projects I'm working on...sort of as a breather. It's easy to get frustrated or antsy when working on the same thing for too long, so to be able to bust these out here and there is pretty nice, and refreshing.

If anyone was wondering, these are taking me roughly five minutes at a time...if that. Cool beans.

Back to work!

$1 Sketch Commissions

1 Dollar Sketches - Juice by *juniorbruce on deviantART

I never posted anything about it on the blog last time, but about a month or two ago I did a round of $1.00 Sketch Commissions. Basically, you give me a dollar, I give you a sketch (digital commission, and very quick). This is to both incentivize drawing all the time, plus earns me a little extra money...not much, but every bit helps, y'know? Anyway, the first round went fairly well, so I'm doing it again. The above image is the first block of finished sketches from this round.

If you want to get in on this, I ask that you please visit my deviantArt journal post on the topic, as I've laid everything out there. You can read it right here!

In other news, still swamped with projects. Currently doing turnarounds for a cartoon project I can't talk about. Just wrapped up doing concept work for a video game project I can't talk about. And I'm still putting the final touches on my soon to be art book, as well as trying to put together some prints, and original artwork to sell at the cons I'll be attending this year. So far I think I'm scheduled to be at Emerald City Comicon (in Seattle), WonderCon (in San Francisco), and San Diego Comicon (in...well, San Diego).

All of that when I'm not at the day job, hanging with the wife, or corrupting my daughter with all of my whacko humor and thoughts. I wish the days were longer...and that I could learn to run on no sleep. Oh well...

Back to work!