Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darth MF'in Vader

Love this character. I hope I did his big beautiful black visage justice.

It's time... It's time...


Oh, droppin' Big Van Vader refs up in this bitch! Smell the professional wrestling geekery. Smell it!

But yeah, this isn't Big Van Vader. It's Darth Vader. I have a feeling Darth Vader would destroy Big Van Vader in seconds. Wouldn't be much of a fight. Big Van Vader would never get close enough to doing one of his patented moonsaults. Too bad. That would be pretty cool.

All too easy.

Follow-up from yesterday's post...I busted out this quick Vader sketch last night before passing out.

All the Star Wars you can shake a lightsaber at...

Been a busy bee. Here are a couple Star Wars themed marker pieces I've done in the last week. Thinking about doing one more of Darth Vader...since it just don't seem right to draw Star Wars characters, and not draw Darth Vader. I dunno...we'll see. Any suggestions?