Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Carbon Robot Challenge - Week 1

My Little Carbon Robot pals and I are doing a weekly character challenge to help generate more work consistently, as well as push ourselves to draw things we wouldn't normally even think to touch. Our assignments are characters generated randomly from a list that currently has more than 600 names. I'm posting this image to show the actual size of my first rough sketch. Took a thumbnail sketch and decided to just pencil it out completely on a standard size of printer paper, with my reference for the ugly evil queen from Snow White on it. I like seeing this kind of stuff from others, so I thought I'd share it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sketchbook pg 4

Page 3 ain't finished. Already breaking my own rules. Here's page 4. All characters © their respective owners.

Sketchbook pg 2

This page features the same girlie from the previous sketchbook page, as well as (from the top) Miss Demolition from my "Cracker Ace" story, Eric Powell's The Goon, and Eddie from Doug TenNapel's graphic novel, "Black Cherry" which I'm currently reading.

Sketchbook 2010 pg 1

I've decided to start posting sketchbook pages here as I finish them. This sketchbook isn't going to be like other sketchbooks I've done in the past (sparsely used, often forgotten, and never finished). My plan is to try and fill an entire sketchbook from cover to cover as soon as possible. I've never filled a sketchbook completely, and I'm curious as to how long it will take me. I'm also not moving to the next page before filling up the current page. These will mostly be warm-up sketches, and sketches of characters I'm either currently drawing for projects, reading, or watching at the moment. My hope is that when it's finished, I'll pick out pages I think are highlights, and make my official 2010 sketchbook out of that. We'll see how that goes.

For this first page I was inspired to draw a girlie after watching a video by one of my favorite DA artists, Pat Carlucci on youtube. It quickly turned from a girlie doing a sexy pose, to a lame joke about an STD. Oh ho ho

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

APE Photos...

Here's the snaps I got of our booth at APE this past weekend. If you want to read my recap of the experience, I posted it here: The Big APE Recap!