Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My first time drawing He-Man. Kind of sad, considering Masters of the Universe was my favorite cartoon as a kid. I used to own all the toys. My favorite character was Beast Man, cause he seemed to be the only guy who could get away with talking shit to Skeletor, always questioning Skeletor's leadership skills, and throwin' digs at him under his breath. Classic! I should have drawn Beast Man instead.

The Fowl

One of the few pieces I'm currently working on right now is for my buddy Dan Schkade, creator of one of the coolest indy comic properties ever, The Fowl. This was an idea I had for a Fowl pinup. I thought it would be cool to do something super simple and Dirty Harry-ish.

Batman and the Joker

I recently offered commissions through my deviantart page. One of my good buds was kind enough to toss a couple my way, and he asked for Batman and the Joker. These are prelim sketches for him to sign off on before I finish them up.