Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monster Concepts

So, I'm doing some concept work for a project I won't name...not yet anyway. It's something the creator and I have discussed a few times over the last couple of months, and our schedules have finally freed themselves up enough for us to really take a good crack at it. With any luck, this thing might go somewhere.

Sorry for the crappy picture. I did these concept sketches on my giant 14x17 drawing pad. I've had it for years upon years. I like to sketch rough ideas out on it opposed to piece ideas which I'll sketch in my little sketchbook.

Anyway, hope ya'll dig some of these. I don't know how many (if any) will make the cut and move on to the next round. This is just the start.

Sketchbook 06292010

So yesterday I did a couple things: I started a Big Trouble in Little China art group on I watched the series premiere of Louis C.K.'s new show on F/X, "Louie." I agreed to "Machete" themed art trade with my good buddy and fellow artist Chad Fuller. And I finished that Darth Vader piece. Pretty productive day. What will today bring? New bedding for my new Cal-King, Cherry Limeades for the wife and I, and mailing off the rebates we got with our new phones? Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Might even take that Louie sketch to the next stage. We shall see...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darth MF'in Vader

Love this character. I hope I did his big beautiful black visage justice.

It's time... It's time...


Oh, droppin' Big Van Vader refs up in this bitch! Smell the professional wrestling geekery. Smell it!

But yeah, this isn't Big Van Vader. It's Darth Vader. I have a feeling Darth Vader would destroy Big Van Vader in seconds. Wouldn't be much of a fight. Big Van Vader would never get close enough to doing one of his patented moonsaults. Too bad. That would be pretty cool.

All too easy.

Follow-up from yesterday's post...I busted out this quick Vader sketch last night before passing out.

All the Star Wars you can shake a lightsaber at...

Been a busy bee. Here are a couple Star Wars themed marker pieces I've done in the last week. Thinking about doing one more of Darth Vader...since it just don't seem right to draw Star Wars characters, and not draw Darth Vader. I dunno...we'll see. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 25, 2010

WIP: Yoda & Count Dooku

Here's a work in progress. Started it last night, I'll finish it today after work. It's for a local art show being held at my favorite Sacramento comic book shop, Empire Comics Vault this weekend. The show is gonna feature a lot of local artists, and as far as I know, all the pieces will be for sale. If you live in the area, you oughta come check it out!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PSC: Lion-o

My buddy Nu and I decided to each draw Lion-o today. Since I've been on this sketch card kick, thought I'd just marry the two.

PSC: Phantom Limb & Capt. Hook

I don't know if you can get any further apart than these two. Two of my favorite villains...both so incredibly flawed. Come to think of it, maybe they have more in common than I thought!

PSC: The Green Ghost

Here's another personal sketch card (PSC) of a cool little indie character by the uber talented Scott Godlewski, The Green Ghost. Go check out Scott's stuff at Two-Fisted Art or his dA page,!

Sketchcards - The Thing, Megaton Man, the Maxx

Been doing these sketch cards. Having lots and lots of fun with them. Here we've got The Thing, Megaton Man, and the Maxx. Not too happy with how the Maxx turned out, but it was also the first one I colored, so consider it my broken egg of the batch.

Got more on the way, so keep a look out!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sketchcards - The Watchmen

Had so much fun with the last batch, had to do another. This time I thought I'd try a theme. Decided to try my hand at the Watchmen. As you can see, I used the book versions of the characters. Hope ya'll like!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here's my second attempt at doing some legit 2.5 x 3.5 sketchcards. Actually drew these pretty quick. The hardest part was picking which characters to draw. This was a lot of fun, though, so I think I'll be doing more soon!

In order: Ash, Lady Death, the Maxx, Mr. T, Savage Dragon, Megaton Man, the Creech, Aquaman, Batman.

Trixie Dynamite Sketch...

This is sort of an old sketch. Drew this back in March during the Emerald Con in Seattle. This is my buddy, Ben Schwartz's character, Trixie Dynamite. I saw her and instantly fell in love with the bubble-gum cheesecake potential. I've pushed Ben to give me a Trixie story to draw, but ain't got nothin' yet. I'll keep prodding though. Oh yes I will!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Digital Sketchcard: Zangief

Continued practice working completely digitally. Thought I'd do a Street Fighter character tonight.

Darth Vader

This is original artwork of everyone's favorite evil Jedi, Darth Vader.

This piece was done on 9x12 Bristol, and colored with prismas, sharpies and colored pencils. It's available for purchase for $65.00 (includes US shipping). If interested, please email me.

Darth Talon & Cade Skywalker

Here is some original art of a couple of characters from the extended comic book Star Wars universe. Darth Talon and Cade Skywalker.

This piece was done on 9x12 Bristol, and colored with prismas, sharpies, and colored pencils.

This piece is for sale for $65.00 (includes US shipping). If interested, please email me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Puttin' the Toy in Toy Story...or just another lame blog title, maybe?

Was actually ACHING to get home today and do some work. After the good times that went into creating yesterday's post, I could help it. Here's a digital sketch of Toy Story's Rex and one of those crazy little squeak aliens. This was fun. Big Pixar fan. Word.

the private files of the FOWL

Gonna be practicing my coloring. Cell shading mostly. None of this painting crap. I can appreciate it, I just don't like it. Personal taste thing, you see. First piece is of The Fowl. He's the creation of Dan Schkade. He's a good kid. Bright future. Going to college and all that. Someday he'll rule the world. Until then he's passing the time writing and drawing comics featuring the character above. You can read those at For more of Dan's art, check out his dA page at

In other news - recently moved. Scanner isn't hooked up yet, so no new sketches to show. Maybe I'll leave it unhooked for a while and just work digitally. That would be different. Could be fun. We'll see what happens.