Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mega Man Vs. Dr. Wily + Art Book Update...

Mega Man Vs Dr. Wily by *juniorbruce on deviantART

Here is a piece I did for my online art group, pencilneckgeekz (aka PNGz). I run it on deviantArt, and it's purpose is to get artists to do at least one finished piece a month. We supply the theme, and members supply the effort and drive to get something done. Check it out!

Been crazy busy the last couple weeks. Putting the finishing touches on my art book. It will be a shared art book with my business partner, Hainanu Saulque. 100 pages, full color, featuring 50 pages of original artwork from moi. The book will be sort of a greatest hits for me, featuring some of the best stuff I've done over the last couple of years to current. Picking pieces for it has been fun, but daunting. I should have more info about the book very soon, as we're shooting to have it back from the printers before Emerald City Comicon, which is the beginning of March. I know, we're down to the wire.

And for anyone wondering, my half of the art book will be titled: Brain Vomit Vol. 1. I know, catchy right?

Back to work!