Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yo dawg. I'm just sittin' here...allergies kick-kick-kickin' my caboose all over the place. I hate Spring. Right now I'm waiting for my wife to get home so I can run Ninja Assassin and Love Happens back to the movie machine inside my favorite grocery store. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the new Sherlock Holmes and Men Who Stare At Goats movies. Love Happens was okay. Decent for a chick flick. Aaron Eckhart is dreamy. Ain't watched Ninja Assassin yet. I know, and I'm taking it back. I'ma still watch it though. I'll use my stealthy DVD-ninjary skills. Word.

Oh hey, lookit the top of the post. I'm posting the pencils to page 2 of a story that'll be coming out this May in "Tales from the Torn Universe vol. 1" at Phoenix Cactus Con! I do all my own pencils...and stunts. I also do everything in red. I like red. It makes me happy to then go and ink over the red. Yeah, I ink my original pencils, too. I know...crazy. Lock me up, I'm outta my mind!

Still waiting for HBO On Demand to throw up the second half of season two of "The Wire." That's a good show. Another show I'm loving right now is the Starz original, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand." Talk about a wow moment! Good shit that show is. Reminds me of "Rome" (another classic) for the NASCAR sect. I don't like NASCAR, but I do like anything that vaguely resembles "Rome," so there you go.

I'm gonna start posting some movie reviews here soon. Just so I can have a reason to post stuff, since I haven't been very good about posting sketches. It's not laziness of drawing--I'm doing shit tons of that. I just haven't been wanting to take the time to come here, write something, and upload the work I've been doing. So, y'know...slap me around for that if you're down.

Gonna go do other things now. Check you later!

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