Monday, March 8, 2010

Sac-Con 2010 & Snuggies R EEE-VIL

Howdy! So yesterday was the first Sac-Con of 2010 and I had a pretty good time. The place was small, but surprisingly packed! I got several looks, but not many takers. I sold one copy of Torn Comics "Twist in the Night" and two copies of my sketchbook, "Snuggies R EEE-VIL."

This first picture is Craig, a nice fellow who hung out for a bit and bought a sketchbook. He asked me to draw him a "naughty zombie fairy." You can't see it too good from the picture (camera phone--all I had on me) but she's wearing fishnets, a short skirt, taped nipples, holding a brain, and her bottom jaw is missing. This was actually the last thing I drew at the con, so it was nice to finish things off with something different. Thanks for pickin' up a book, Craig!

Here's Rorschach. He (although I'm pretty sure it was a "she" under the mask) also picked up a sketchbook. She gave me free reign to draw whatever, so I figured I might as well draw Rorschach! Good times. Thanks demented little person you!

I currently have about 12 copies left of my first sketchbook, Snuggies R EEE-VIL. I won't be printing any more of these, so what you see is what I got. I'm selling these for $10.00 each, and you get a free inked sketch in the back of the book of the ONE character of your choice with each purchase. I'm hoping to sell a few of these at Emerald Con this weekend, so if you want one, please let me know ASAP so I know what not to take. I have a "Buy Now" option over on the side of the page under "Commissions." Just select the last option in the drop down menu and hit submit. The total charge will be 12.50 (10 plus 2.50 for shipping). Just shoot me a not or comment regarding who you want me to draw for you.
I got a few new sketches and sketchcards to post later.

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