Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Honkin' Dump!

How-DEE! It's been a while since my last confession, so let's just do one big massive dump today. Gonna start things off with some sketches I did a few months ago of Brock Samson, Err, and the Hulk. Don't know why I chose these three at that time, they just popped into my head.

Next up is a piece I did earlier this year of the dreaded, Green Goblin! First time drawing this cat, and I rather enjoyed it! More detail here than I normally do, too, so yay for me!

And lastly here's a recent sketch I did while watching American Idol of Kratos. I was originally only going to draw Kratos, but then I thought, "Hey, I wanna draw some boobies, too!" so I drew some boobies too, on the lovely form of that wicked hot temptress, Medusa. Thought I'd get all goofy with it by throwing a wood texture underneath it, y'know, because I can.


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