Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow this blog looks clunky!


So you wouldn't know it by the amount of activity on my blog, but I've been quite busy. I've got several projects that I'm knee-deep in, and it feels great to be working on stuff that I truly believe in, and can't wait to share! While I can't talk about most of what I'm working on, I can go ahead and share a couple things that I really shouldn't share, but am going to anyway, because I'm silly.

Actually, I'm sharing them because, while they're only test strips and not going to be apart of the official project once it launches, they feature time sensitive jokes that, well, people probably won't get or enjoy as much a year from now...which is when they would otherwise be seen (included as bonus material in a collection or something). And I like the jokes I make to be gotten when they're their most funny. I I said, I'm silly.

So here are a couple of comic strips I cooked up for a webcomic project I'm working on with a long time friend and former movie review website collaborator, Ron Hogan. He actually had nothing to do with these particular strips, as he's busy writing stuff that's way funnier. I just used these as a means to see how the characters looked in the panels, and if I needed to do any tweaking. And I do, but I'm getting there. Still though, I like how these turned out, and I'm really enjoying the process of developing these characters and ideas into something that I think people will really enjoy reading.

Oh, and about the blog. After a couple of weeks away, I come back to a mess. I shouldn't be surprised...after all, I made it. I don't know what I was thinking either. So I'm gonna take some time here soon to clean it up a little, and only put up what's necessary. Blogs should be fun and easy to use...that's my motto.

Okay, back to work.

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