Monday, May 23, 2011

Christ: First Blood

Eh, this is old. Drew this back in April. I got new stuff, but I can't post it. Something about crazy electronic midgai wanting to climb into my brain through the electronic pulses sent thru my fingertips via my keyboard. It's all very weird and strange. I don't know what to do about it other than just ignore it...because we all know that ignoring a problem is the best way to overcome it.

If we ignore it, it will eventually go away...right?

That's how I deal with all of my bills.

Oh, and for those saying this sketch is blasphemous, I say "HOW DARE YOU SIR...OR MAAM...OR SIRMAAM!?" How could it be blasphemous to make the son of God look like a totally badass Vietnamese killing machine? Turn the other cheek? I think not. That was your grandaddy's Jesus Christ. Kids today need a savior that will get their attention! Make them stand up and pledge their allegiance to all that is righteous and holy!

They need a Jesus Christ that is going to look Doctore right in the eye and declare, "MADNESS!? THIS IS NOT MADNESS...THIS IS NEW JERSEY!"

Cue: Goofy falling sound effect.


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