Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy busy...

Got lots going on right now. The rough sketch above is a quick thing I put together for a project I'll be starting next week with a buddy of mine. I'll announce it all official like when the time is right.

Still doing design work on a cartoon project by my buddy, Mike Kallio. It's coming along slow because I'm not loving ANYTHING I'm doing with it. The style just isn't right, and I'm stressing myself out about it.

Also putting the finishing touches on a project for an old high school buddy of mine who is looking to become a golf instructor. I'll post that stuff when it's done.

Lastly, working on a really cool Street Fighter project with my studio mate, Hainanu Saulque. We're looking to unveil it at WonderCon next month. Until then, here's a sneak peak what one of the pieces. It's the line work for the hero of the franchise, Ryu. Enjoy...

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