Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr. Incredible

This was today's wind-down sketch, that I decided to ink...with a brush! HAH! Can you say "pimpin'"? Well I'm sure you can, because it's a fun word. It's amazing Billy the Kid once called a guy a "pimp" as an insult, resulting in a threat of violence, resulting in Billy the Kid shooting the guy he just alleged to be a "pimp." Why do I keep putting the word "pimp" in quotations? Maybe it's just because whenever I say "pimp" I feel it needs to be emphasized? Maybe it's because I'm crazy? Or maybe...just maybe, it's because "pimp" and quotations go together like biscuits and "gravy"?

What, you didn't think "pimp" was the only word that got the quotation treatment with me, did you?

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