Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD from Brucie!

Oh, it's Valentine's Day...that special day when Corporate America tells the sheep of the nation to go out and spend all sorts of cash on their significant other to show how much they love them. I, my friends, choose not to partake in this societal sham, instead opting to show the world how much I love it by rubbing baby oil all over my nether regions, and dancing around the bonfire I've built in my living room in nothing but a grass skirt. Now that's something special, and worthy of a holiday. Shit, I'd be happy with an honorable mention holiday...y'know, the kind where no one gets the day's just a title tacked onto an obscure day of the year, just because.

Like Secretary's Day...

The above image are the original characters of two of my bestest buds, Bryce and Jenn Lee. Bryce is the creator of the Mechanic, and Jenn is the creator of Kidd. I'll let you figure out which is which.

I really suck at drawing hair. If someone knows any good tutorials or exercises I could check out, pretty please link me! I'm desperate to improve.

Y'know, outside of being desperate as a general rule.

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  1. People can keep all their VD's!! I'd rather celebrate a better made up holiday!